A New Mobile Application to Conduct Common-Pool Resource Experiments in Continuous Time


Gunnar Brandt, Micaela M. Kulesz, Dennis Nissen, Agostino Merico

OGUMI is an Android and Web based open source mobile application for conducting Common- Pool Resource Experiments, Choice Experiments, and Questionnaires in the field, in the laboratory, and online. A unique feature of OGUMI is its capacity to capture real- time changes in human behaviour in response to a dynamically varying resource. OGUMI is simple (e.g. it does not require expertise in behavioural game theory), stable, and extremely flexible with respect to the user-resource model running in the background.


OGUMI Server

OGUMI Server includes a web client
Download Version 1.2

OGUMI Android App

Download Version 1.2 (x86)

Download Version 1.2 (armv7)


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